Granite is a wonderful and permanent medium for a sign or monument. You can advertise your business or remember those that have gone before. It's a long lasting low maintenance and beautiful solution. Check out a few of the possibilities for Signs here on our signs page.


We're most famous for our memorial craftsmanship. From our expert drafting department to the amazing carving and etching craftspeople, Houle Brothers memorials are the best!


Come and see what can be done with an etching. The photos you find on this page cannot begin to show the artistry that a fine etching on granite can look like. The finest etchers in the world are employed daily at Houle Brothers Granite Co.


Everything comes in colors these days: cars, appliances, even computers! Believe it or not, granite has come in many shades and colors for as long as it's been formed in the earth! Take a look at a few we've dug up for you.